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 Welcome to Builders Brittany

Brittany Property Surveys  We will conduct a pre-purchase or full property survey on your house in Brittany. 

Brittany Planning Permission We will put your plans through the relevant French planning authorities to gain planning permision for your Brittany property. Ensuring that a complete file is presented will aid your chances of being approved.

Brittany Builders for Building and Renovation We have 30 + years experience in the building industry and for the last 20 years have been building and renovating Brittany properties for English and French clients.

Mike Welby graduated as a Civil Engineer and, after some years building motorways and as a consultant Project Planner, turned to house building in the UK. The lure of France brought him to Brittany 21 years ago. He has designed and built several new houses and many, many renovations during that time with his own French workforce.

His knowledge is now available as designer, planner, or manager for your project. Mike's experience and the fact that he is bilingual will ensure that your new build or renovation project will not only be completed, on time and on budget, but will also be carried out to the highest standards by people who know what they are doing.  

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