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       Maître d'oeuvre/Project Manager

What's a Maître d'oeuvre ?   A registered person who is in charge of the work for you.

A maître d'oeuvre can:

  • Help you design your house, extension or conversion
  • Advise on your projects
  • Help draw up budgets
  • Obtain planning permission up to 170 m²
  • Obtain quotations (Devis)
  • Check standing of builders or artisans
  • Supervise the work
  • Report to you on progress

All or part of these activities are available to make your project realistic and enable it to run smoothly.

Have a look at some of the projects I've carried out in France on page 5.        




 Mike Welby                            Maître d’Oeuvre                    Siret No. 382 295 392

La Benardais    22100     LEHON    France

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