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Surveys    a pre-purchase for ease of mind or a full survey to help with project decisions


Fee guide  

General view   Habitable house.                                                                                Visit house and inspect all visible areas and services.                                              Note condition and standard of original work and any alterations.                          Telephone and discuss house with prospective purchaser.                         250 €

General view    Renovation project.                                                                          Visit house or building and inspect all visible areas. See if there are services.           Note any serious problems and general state of existing structure.                               Telephone and discuss project with prospective purchaser.                       300 € 

Survey    Habitable house.                                                                                         Visit house, take dimensions and photos.                                                              Locate services and comment.                                                                               Note condition and standard of original work and any alterations.                                Write up report on all structural elements and finishes.                             500 €

Survey    Renovation project.                                                                                    Visit house or building, take dimensions and photos.                                                 Comment on feasibility of services.                                                                        Inspect all structural elements with a view to their future use.                                      Write up report on all structural elements.                                              700 €

There are limits at times to what can be inspected. Every effort is made to see all elements of the properties but floor coverings in inhabited houses are not disturbed and any hidden areas will be noted as not inspected.

These prices are for an average, up to 3 or 4 bedroom, house within a 1/2 hour drive of Dinan. Extra travel cost 25 €/hour





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